Welcome To The 2019 Golf Season!!!

LMGA Members,

The weather is not yet warming, The snow is not yet melting and the grass is not getting greener. but as we know it will in due time! Outside of a plethora of new rules to digest, a few things to note with the LMGA as the season approaches…..

The post below covers the LMGA members who made an ace on a public golf course in the 2018 season. Congrats to all who accomplished this rare feat. We can take votes as to who on the list surprised us most by this accomplishment! ;)

We have a new president for the 2019 season. Pete Rodriguez took over the position and is excited to do so. Kent Kurtzer replaced Larry Honeycutt as vice-president (thanks for all of your years Larry). He also handles website and other publicity items. Mike Calvert is new to the board as well and is assuming Mr. Honeycutt’s public relations position with the city. Al Taft enters his 65th year as Secretary/Treasurer. Kent Evans and Mike Halverson will handle the bulk of the tournament organization. Fred Daugherty will continue his membership and handicap duties. Al Hulbert, Rick Owens and Allan Albers are all remaining as helpful board members with plenty of ideas and input. Travis Holl is a new younger and better looking board member than us all and we are happy to have him! Be sure to thank your board anytime you get the chance fellas. They do work hard to provide great events for you all.

Once again you can renew/start your membership online or print off the form and mail it in. The membership cost remains the same at $40 for new, $20 for associate. The season of GHIN officially starts March 15th.

As for the event season, we try to keep the popular events going and still try new things as well. The LMGA had a lot of good feedback on the Rewards Tournament. So the Kickoff will be a Modified Chapman. This is a 2-man team event that is essentially a shamble-scramble-alternate shot format. Both players tee off and choose the best option. Both players hit a second and choose the best shot. From here, whoever’s shot was not chosen plays the third shot and continue alternate shot through completion of the hole. We hope you all enjoy the new event and stay afterward for the Spring Meeting.

The Ryder Cup will remain a 2-day event with the only thing changing being the date. A few other events changed as well. Due to so many weekend conflicts with graduations, marriages, children sports, the marathon, rainy weather, etc……the LMGA decided to eliminate a May event in 2019. But the Ryder Cup will fire up on june 1st/2nd and remain an East (Mahoney-Holmes) vs West (Pioneers-Highlands) format. 2-man teams day 1 and individuals day 2 along with a player prize pool again. Be actively recruiting players for your teams ASAP! Mahoney has maintained a long dominance that shows no future weaknesses……

The Stableford, LMGA Stroke Play Championship, Miller Lite Scramble and Orange Ball will all remain on the schedule as well as the Youth/Adult TBA. With the kickoff switching to a shamble-scramble type format, the board elected to introduce back a 2-man Best Ball in mid-August. All of these besides the Ryder Cup and Miller Lite will be Pre-Flighted as that seemed to be popular with a majority of the members. We do appreciate the feedback……most of the time ;).

Remember that participating in several of the events may qualify you for the Rewards Tournament in Ocotber. LMGA generally covers most of the cost of this fun tournament and a gift is given out. Last year we created a fun skins pool as well. Please read the President’s comments above for some other new awards starting this year!

Get signed up for the 2019 Kickoff! It will be another great golf season for the LMGA!

Golf is played by twenty million mature American men whose wives think they are out having fun.Jim Bishop

LMGA Board