61 players endured the heat and humidity for the 2 day LMGA Stroke Play Championship at Mahoney and Highlands on July 15th and 16th. The course conditions were excellent and great scores were recorded in all flights. 

Alex Svehla won the championship flight with a two day score of -5.  Ben Svehla took 2nd with a score of -1 after recording a sizzling low score of the tournament with a 67 on day 2. The rest of the results as follows:

Championship Flight

1st--Alex Svehla 137

2nd--Ben Svehla 141

3rd--Zach Tuttle 145

4th--Mark Haas 145

5th--Ray Kluck 147


1st Flight (net scoring)

1st--Mark Miller 137

2nd--Kent Evans 139

3rd--Dillon Ehman 139

4th--Spencer Duncan 143

5th--Larry Moore 144


2nd Flight (net scoring)

1st--Dennis Schmitz 136

2nd--John Varrati 137

3rd--Michael Dixon 138

4th--Dave Shamblin 138

5th--Jack Crandall 139


3rd Flight (net scoring)

1st--Bill Rainey 141

2nd--Jerry Petersen 143

3rd--Mark Mussman

4th--Mike Smith 144

5th--Jeff Bell 145


30 teams competed in a 2 person team Stableford event at Pioneers Golf Course on June 18th (Father's Day). Teams were open to members and their guests of all ages and sexes. The goal was to accumulate the most points in this format. Points were awarded based on the net best score of the team. Double Eagles were worth 8pts, Eagles were 5, birdies were 3, pars were 1, bogies were 0, double bogies (or worse) were -1. 

The weather was perfect and the scores showed it:

1st- Russ Gausman, Travis Koenig 40

2nd- John Anderson, Greg Mills 37

3rd- Gene Hiatt, Jacob Hiatt 37

4th- Mark Haas, Dillon Ehman 35


2nd Flight

1st- Robert and Mike Kluczynski 29

2nd- Fred and Jack Best 25

3rd- Dave Dunigan and Mike Smith 29

4th- Mike Calvert and Larry Lococo 29


3rd Flight

1st- Dan Blythe and Tim Stewart 26

2nd- Jack Crandall and Vance Coatman 25

3rd- Dick Little and Tom Nesbitt 25

4th- Jerry Edwards and M Smith 25

Gene Hiatt scored the only double eagle.

After the tournament, teams raved about the meal of ribs, brisket and pulled pork from Hickory Road BBQ. 

The next tournament is the LMGA Individual Stroke Play on July 15th and 16th. This is a members only event that will be held at Mahoney and Highlands. A great time to prep for Men's City being held two weeks later! Entry forms available at all four city courses or sign up online at lmgagolf.org. 


Heavy rains once again caused another LMGA event to be altered. Saturday team matchups were postponed from Pioneers to Mahoney on May 21st making this year's Ryder Cup a one day event.

3 points per match were available to win on Sunday in a 6-6-6 format. A close, back and forth battle was shaping up early. As the scorecards continued to be turned in, the East Team (Mahoney and Holmes) pulled away and prevailed easily over the West Team with a 36.5-25.5 victory.

This was Mahoney's 3rd straight year of winning this event. 

2017 Kickoff Results!!!

After a dreary weekend and ensuing postponement from April 29th, 17 teams kicked off the 2017 season on a beautiful Sunday morning at Highlands golf course on May 7th, 2017.  There was good play all around with not one team shooting higher than a score of 67.  Placing teams were as follows:


54---Bill Adams, Fred Daugherty, Kent Kurtzer, Pete Rodriguez

57---Kent Evans, Dave Larson, Larry Moore

60---Mike Miller, Dennis Schmitz, Bruce Sweney, Rick Waldrop

61 (scorecard playoff)---Derek Jensen, Mark Kluczynski, Mike Kluczynski, Robert Kluczynski


63---Marty Carper, Derrik Cornell, Don Turek, Randy Ware

64 (scorecard playoff)---Dan Blythe, John Clyne, William Overton, Tim Stewart

64 (scorecard playoff)---Verlyn Eden, William Foster, Dave Haumont, Bruce Melichar

64---Vance Coatman, Jack Crandall, Russ Gausman, Tom Tiedgen



  • A double eagle on Hole #1 by the Little, Haas, Hill and Ehmen team. Mark Haas made the holed swing from 185 yards. 
  • The 2nd place team shooting 57 without a 4th player and not using an extra swing.
  • The 1st place team needing their anchor putter to attempt to putt only 3 times (all missed).

The 2017 Season Has Arrived With The Kickoff Scramble!!!!

The LMGA Board would like to welcome you to the 2017 season and another fun year of LMGA events!  We officially start the season next weekend with the 4 Man Kickoff Scramble on April 29th, 2017 with a meeting to follow right thereafter. Please get signed up ASAP as the registration closes soon! If you do not have a team and still wish to participate individually, please email the board (even if it is after the deadline) at lmgaboard@gmail.com. We will look to see if you can be placed on a team. It is not necessary to play this event to attend the meeting. So if you are unable to participate, please come to share any thoughts afterwards and gather information for the rest of the year!  A few quick items to address: 

The board would like to return to posting a few pictures here as we update the pages at the conclusion of these tournaments. If anyone takes pictures and would like to submit some of these to be added to our website, please feel free to email them.  It is always nice to put familiar faces having a great time golfing (or goofing) with friends on the site! Help us out!

It has been brought to our attention that the LMGA renewal/new member pamphlet is the 2016 version. Unfortunately this was overlooked by the dummy managing this site (yours truly). Please just print off and mail the old version as the GHIN information is suitable for our needs. Many of you already have and we appreciate all of you returning or becoming new members!  We will have a revised sign up form ready to go for the 2018 season.  Apologies for any previous confusion.

Following the Kickoff Scramble is a great event in the 2017 Ryder Cup!  A few changes have occurred in the teams and format.  This season will be an East versus West (Mahoney and Holmes vs Highlands and Pioneers) with the goal of getting 50 golfers per team! Players will be involved with either individual match play or 2 person team match play with a 6-6-6 format. 6 holes scramble, 6 holes alternate shot and 6 holes best ball. The captains will work with entrants to try and allow them to participate in their desired style of play.  Hurry up and get signed up for this awesome 2 day event!  Meals both days, drink tickets, range balls and a team shirt are all included with your entry. Stay tuned for potential team meet and greet dates, times and locale.  Mahoney has won this event the last two years and now gets to let Holmes in on the fun. Unless the West has something to say about it.....

Thanks for being a part of the LMGA! Get ready for another great season of golfing on the beautiful public courses of Lincoln, NE. 

"You’ve just got one problem. You stand too close to the ball after you’ve hit it."
– Sam Snead


Welcome to the 2017 Season!

The LMGA Board would like to take a moment to welcome you to our website. Take some time to navigate through the different pages for any of your needs. As you can see, the dates for most of our 2017 events are set. Registration will open for all of the tournaments sometime in early to mid-March.  Feel free to register for any or all at that time.

The "News And Comments" area here is a place we would like to use for you to catch up on anything new, find results of tournaments, give feedback or maybe even talk smack to your buddies! Below each topic there is a "comments" section that will be available to you to use as a voice of communication or conversation. Feel free to put this option to good use as it will be checked fairly regularly.

We are looking forward to another great year for the LMGA in 2017! Spread the word to your friends to become members and participate in events with a great group of guys who are competitive yet always have a good time!

LMGA Board

"My handicap? Woods and irons." ---Chris Codiroli


Orange Ball Recap

The annual LMGA Orange Ball Tournament teed off at the Highlands Golf Course on September 27th on another beautiful day for golf.   A field of 19 4-man teams participated in the event which was divided into 2 flights of 10 and 9 teams.  The Orange Ball is a best ball tournament where the “orange ball” rotates among the players  on each hole and counts toward the score.  The best net score of the other 3 players is then added to that for the total team score.   The placings in the respective flights are as follows:

1st Flight:  1st  Place:  Jerry Petersen, Buck Hofstedt, Jeff Bell and Mike Arter  with a score of 128;  2nd Place: Tom Tiedgen, Vance Coatman, Russ Gausmann and Jack Crandall with a 128; 3rd Place: Mark Haas, Jacob Linch, Ron Jurgens, and Dillon Ehman, with a 130; and 4th Place: Sam Sharpe, Tom Martin, Larry Lococo, and Mike Calvert who shot 131.  Ties needed to be broken between 1st and 2nd  placings and also for 4th place.  They were determined  by a card playoff  using the best net score of the orange ball.  

2nd Flight:  A score card playoff was needed to determine the 1st and 2nd place winners who both shot 134.  The results are; 1st Place; Ryan Conrad, Dave Shamblin, Dean Sydow and Terry Bock; 2nd Place:  Philip Maiyo, Ricky Greene, James Jackson and Ray Baumbach; 3rd Place went to Nick Nesbitt, Tom Nesbitt, Dick Little and Rich Little with a 135; and Mark Miller, Mick Hadley, Rob Weatherly and Allan Albers shot a 136 to finish in 4th place.  

The annual Fall Meeting which included the election of the Board and a great meal followed the tournament.   Gift certificates were also given away as door prizes.  The LMGA Board would like to thank Denis Vontz and his staff at the Highlands for their assistance in putting on the tournament and preparing the meal.    We would also be remiss in not acknowledging the grounds crew for the excellent playing conditions of the course.  The Board would also like to thank all the members and guests who participated in the LMGA tournaments this year for making this a successful year on the links.  


A Member's Rebuttal

In an effort to promote continued discussion about the future of the Lincoln city golf program, I am posting the rebuttal below, written by LMGA member Tom Nesbitt. 

- Jerry Petersen, LMGA Board President

September 8, 2015
I write this rebuttal not to “call out” any elected official or any of their administrator(s) but to act in manner which insures accountability of public funds and resources and, in this instance, the golf enterprise fund and Highlands GC.  It was a difficult decision for me to voice my concerns publicly with the governance of the Lincoln Municipal Golf Program.  I believe in public service.  As a retired Colonel of the Nebraska State Patrol, I know first-hand the difficulties, conflicts, and political pressures that can be placed on an agency, its administration and public resources.  Lincoln’s golf enterprise fund and Highlands GC are just that, public funds and a community recreational resource, both governed by the Lincoln municipal code.
However, the public officials who’ve objected with my golf editorial opinion of August 26, 2015, must be held accountable for “staging a fiscal crisis” to justify the possibility of selling Highlands GC.  And with their recent editorial opinion of September 6, 2015, I’ll “substantiate” my concerns by sharing a directive made by Lynn Johnson, director, Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department, to the National Golf Foundation on July 19, 2013.
In August 2013, while serving as chairman of the budget committee for the Lincoln Municipal Golf Advisory Committee, I learned Lynn Johnson and his golf manager, Dale Hardy, received an advanced copy of the Lincoln golf sustainability study on July 12, 2013, and they offered critical suggestion(s) and amendment(s) to the NGF study without the knowledge of, nor providing opportunities for members of the LMGAC to review and comment.  I confronted director Johnson with this information and, as result, I received a signed copy of his file memo dated August 25, 2013, and the primary directive made to the National Golf Foundation is: “request that economic analyses be completed of discontinued operation of Highlands Golf Course and of Mahoney Golf Course…”   Since, director Johnson is on record by citing Mahoney Golf Course can’t be sold as it’s designated as city parkland, it’s clear his directive to the NGF is solely for an analysis of the economic impact of selling Highlands GC.  This directive is counter to the recommendation of the NGF where they cite: “Highlands is the premier facility in the City of Lincoln golf system in terms of quality…it’s a destination golf course.”  Why would the mayor and his parks director voluntarily sell the city’s premier golf asset?
Fast forward two years, here we are, the mayor proposes “the possibility of selling Highlands GC to avoid a future in which tax-payers subsidize the city golf program.”  A classic strategy of divide and conquer, i.e., Lincoln tax payers vs. Lincoln golf patrons – a rather remarkable political tactic in an attempt to gain public favor to sell Highlands GC. Why would Lincoln’s mayor purposefully place and split its residents against each other?  Is this true leadership? 
I and my fellow Lincoln golf patrons wish to underscore a core value of honoring a public trust that must also be shared with, and held by our elected officials and their administrator(s).  Lincoln golf patrons paid 100% of the $7.5 million debt service for Highlands GC – without any tax dollar support.  U.S. court case law and opinions have consistently held local governments accountable for breach of the “public trust doctrine”, i.e., alienation and conversion of public parklands and park facilities – which includes municipal golf courses.  Lincoln’s elected officials should give careful consideration to honor golf patrons’ financial investment – a public trust -- which not only built Highlands GC, a public park and recreational asset, but to operate and maintain it for 20 years. 
Tom Nesbitt, Lincoln

August 17, 2015, Meeting Recap

Thank you to all of the members who attended the LMGA Board meeting last night.  As a courtesy to our members, we are providing a copy of the letter that the board signed and approved (with the exception of those board members who abstained) that requested an audit of the Golf Enterprise Fund, as operated by the Golf Division of Lincoln Parks and Recreation A list of concerns submitted by Tom Nesbitt is also provided. Further, we are also providing an an example letter that you may use to voice your concern about a potential sale of Highlands Golf Course.